Sunday, 29 May 2011

Maya Tasks...

As I think I'm suffering from work withdrawal I thought I'd jump on a couple of these tasks I've let pile up:

Rigid Binding:

Advanced Passes:

The passes had a couple of problems but I think I could do them again when I need to...Or I'll just do the tutorial again :D

Non Linear Deformers:

The shadows arent' strong enough really but you can still see it all, just about :D

Jiggle Deformer: Jiggly chin

Sculpt deformer task:

Every time I tried to watch the arm move or add the jiggle deformer it started freaking out or maya would have a fatal error so this is all I can present for this task.

Reflection Pass:

Capsule rigging:

Influence Objects:

The elbow went a little wrong but I think the bicep is okay :)

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