Saturday, 21 May 2011

Help with Render Passes Please!

I've finished making the animation but I'm worried about the render time when it comes to the extra passes. I've started rendering the ambient occlusion, beauty and specular passes but its so much slower than just rendering the one. Do we need these passes or will the normal beauty pass be enough? I don't want to fall behind because of it :(


  1. First and foremost you should render out your Colour/Beauty pass. Render that first always! Anything else is extra gravy and can be done later.

    If you get the time then certainly an Ambient Occlusion pass should be there. Try a Z-Depth for depth of field effects (Luminance preset) as well, they render very quickly.

  2. Oh excellent! Thank you so much! I didn't know what the thing to do is so you've just saved my Bacon! Thanks again! :D

  3. I should've said that you want to include everything in the main render pass. Shadow, specular, reflectivity. etc

    No point at this time in your CG life to be worrying about all those as separate passes.

    Glow is better if done separate but there's no law saying it can't be in the main pass. Your choice

  4. Molly, believe it or not you still have quite a bvit of time. Rendering is essentially wasted time, so set it up to run whilst you have other stuff to be doing, eg: sleep, work on other scenes, work, essays etc. Your renders will then seem to go much quicker as you are not sitting waiting.

  5. Yeah I think it's because I have access to only one pc at home so everything feels like it's moving really slowly. Plus, I don't think it actually runs as fast as the new ones at uni, but that could be my impatience talking I guess :P

    Thanks a lot for your help! I've been rendering only the beauty passes so far but I can go back and render the others later can't I?

  6. Of course you can, as a rule they render a lot quicker than the beauty pass.