Saturday, 14 May 2011

More Texture Stuff...

Tweaked B Cell Texture:

First T Cell Texture:
Next Textures:

I'm still working on them and they're not finished I'm Maya by a long shot but it's all progress.


  1. I love the subtle softness and painterliness of these, Mol. I think maybe you might consider giving them the softest of 'inner glows' - that might give them additional 'non-plasticky' qualities. I know that Jono posted some info on his blog for his glow effect - you might want to experiment. I'm not talking sci-fi here, but rather more the effect you get when you shine a light through the flesh of your hand or ear - that warm, very fleshy softness? Just a thought. And don't lose steam. Just keep it going; in two weeks time, everything changes :D

  2. Thank you Phil! I'll try my best to keep going, I'm meeting with Jono today so he can help me get my textures and glows right, which will be a great help. Once I get the hang of it all I'll be fine I'm just hoping I can get it quickly. As exciting as the next 2 weeks are they're also incredibly scary! :P