Friday, 6 May 2011

Some More Maya Tests...

And a quick video:

The colours are more like the ones in the image above, I just muffed up with the video. I think this pink is better colour wise as its nearer my original idea of using softer colours, I just need to play a little more with the finished bump maps. When it comes to making the actual scenery I need to make it much bigger so the details are a little subtler maybe?

Next, I need to do some rough cells in Maya! I can't spend all my time playing with bump maps!


  1. yes - this much less 'visceral' and 'David Cronenberg' - but the texturing tells us it's the human body - without disgusting us. I think perhaps you should try 'chalkier' colours; knock out the sugary pink, and go for something more in keeping with the parchment/putty colours in Ohara Koson's stuff - think 'water colour' - colours built up from layers of translucency - also, it's the 'shine' you want to knock back a bit - there's something very matte or 'satin' about watercolours etc. that won't produce that wet, 'squishy', glossy, plasticky quality that is at odds with your aesthetic.

  2. it's 'seashell' pinks and browns and purples...

  3. Ahhh! Awesome! Thank you! That's a massive help!
    I'll finish off this rough B cell and get on it :D

  4. Hi Molly you have a bit of pixelation going on in your textures, you can sort that by increasing the resolution of your bump map or reduce the bump depth.

  5. Yeah I didn't know how to fix that! Would I literally just make an image in photoshop with a higher resolution and then fit it to the UV? Resolution is the amount of pixels not the size of the image right?