Friday, 20 May 2011

First Scene Camera Movements...

This is my first rendered scene and I'm wondering if it works as an establishing shot. I think the camera movements are okay, if maybe a little fast. I need to pop back and change the light inside the cell as it wasn't pulsing here but it's an okay beginning.


  1. Molly - I know you're keen to get on with this and move towards finishing some stuff - BUT - it would make more sense if your cloud of red blood cells could pivot/turn more naturally, as if they were moving through fluid... they just seem to scoot past as if pulled on a piece of string and it jars slightly with all the (considerable) efforts you've made to establish the living, breathing softness of your world. (Don't hate me).

  2. That's fine! It's why I wanted to post this up straight away so I could get some feedback. It'll be mostly no problem to do that :P

  3. likewise - just space out those cells, so that one is sort of playing catch-up - anything to give it a more randomised behaviour.