Wednesday, 1 June 2011

For Future Reference: Supercell Thunderstorms...

I've decided that whenever I find something interesting that I might want to reference later, but that currently might seem irrelevant, I'll put under the section 'For Future Reference' So I can always grab it if it's needed :D

My first interesting reference is the supercell thunderstorm, natures flying saucer.  I'd never heard of it until someone posted an image of one on facebook the other day but I'm REALLY glad they did!

From 1min 38:

Good for a close up:

Some images are better than others but there's something in each that I find interesting so they're all good :D


  1. One job I'd really love, chasing tornados on motorbike :) Loving these images, wild weather is amazing.

    They used to have awesome pics at the cloud appreciation society, dunno if they still do but heres a link :)

  2. HA! That's perfectly safe Ollie XP
    Nature is just crazy! It's both beautiful and terrifying! Thank you for the link too! I'm gonna have a look tonight! :D

  3. am liking the 'future reference' thing - a scrapbook, no less! Make it a fat one!