Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Playing with Lights and a Camera...

Wasn't sure what I was doing so I just did this:

Very dark indeed but here's a 5 second video as well:

A bit pixel-y and dark but it's pretty cool if you watch it in highest definition :D


  1. keep those experiments coming, Molly - but keep a record of all the changes/adaptations you're making - it will make great content for your Art Of, and it will build into a useful future resource too.

  2. I will do! I want to try out different colours and styles of lighting so I can hopefully decide on a colour scheme :S
    I've got most of the best still images saved from Maya as well as the bump maps on here. I think it's mostly all on the blog ready to use, I'm just worried about falling behind on the concept art itself. I'm really enjoying this Maya work but I feel like it's all I have at the moment and I'm still unsure about what it's all actually going to look like!
    Keep at it though I suppose, it'll probably turn up before Monday...