Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Final Animation with Sound Effects...

I think I managed to cut out the ugly glow on the bacteria and fingers crossed the sounds work with it, I struggled a little with them but I think they work well enough.


  1. Hey Molly, everything is sitting together much more comfortably now - the music is working, the hard edits cleaner - and, for the most part, the additional sound effects are on the money, though I'd encourage you to keep at it (you've obviously got some time on your hands now - use it!). Sound effects working really well are those accompanying the swelling of the cells.

    The entry of the bacterium - the 'ping!' is the wrong sound in the right place; I suggest you slow it down (deepen it) and extend the sound effect further into the scene - as if the bacterium is making the sound - like a hum or buzz. And on the subject of this scene, there's another hard edit that can be tweaked; when the bacterium exits the shot (approx 21secs), the next shot you leave empty and we wait for the bacterium to reappear; if you shave off those empty frames and start the second clip with the bacterium just appearing, you'll generate a smoother transition; it might take a few tries, shaving frames until it flows beautifully.

    When the bacterium is absorbed, that sound effect needs to continue while the bacterium is being eaten; again, imagine that it is the process making the sound, so it stops when the process stops.

    You've got a glitch/jump around 45 sec when you appear to go from one scene to a discontinuous shot; to smooth this; end the first sequence with a very quick white flash/fade to white (like a camera flash) and use it to cut to the next shot - almost as if the absorption of the bacterium ends with a flash of energy.

    Why the flash and repeat of scene at around 55 secs? Can't you just cut to 'this cell approaching' scene after the first view of the presenting cell? I'm not sure what purpose the repeated shot serves?

    The release of the antibodies needs a sound - a sort of sparkling, dispersing, twinkling sound? (i know, i know - very abstract!).

    Your thunder sounds too much like thunder; just slow it down; layer it; reverse it etc, until you create something a bit less 'It's a thunderclap!'.

    Also - time to think about your font/title/graphic identity.

    Go finesse this thing, Molly!

  2. Thanks for getting back to me with such little time left!

    For the introduction and texts I've got a nice glass sphere intro that I made from video copilot. I'll upload the rough video in a mo so you can see it. I'll adapt some nice text on top too all going well and that could be just the thing.

    I'll try my best and jump on it right away!

  3. Well done for sorting that shader Molly, I think you're well set for the final push.