Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Final Animation Part 2...

I'm currently working on the sound effects so I just wanted to know if this version has a better connection to the music and looks a little tidier. Also, I tried re-rendering a couple of the scenes but it didn't really help too much so I just tried editing in a couple of extra shots of the bacteria.

It's shorter, so I'm worried it's a little too fast, but let me know if you think it's good enough to keep working with or if I need to tweak it.


  1. Hey there Molly, one thing that I picked up on was the white glow/ texture on the back of the bacterium, the third shot as it comes towards the camera this texture has almost covered the whole body, as such it is a little jarring, and coupled with the next shot of the little blighter looks a bit like a continuity error.

  2. I think I've fixed it...I hope anyway. I'm putting up my video with some sound effects on in a sec so let me know if it's any better :S