Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Notes to Self...

So far:

  • Changes (I can think of) that have occurred since the beginning are, firstly, the movement from bioluminescence to neon-ish colours. This was due to the luminescence being unrealistic but the neon colours are used by scientists to dye the cells.  Another is the decision to move from neon colours to softer pastel tones, due to the mood of the music I've chosen.
  • Everything is looking a lot less 'Eufloria' and a lot more 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' at the moment, which is great but I'm not sure if it's appropriate. I could try and work out a way of bringing them together but that may be disastrous, we shall see...*
    • The tests have been very successful in my tester vein, I'm still unsure as to which bump map I prefer but I'll know really soon.
    •  The cells, design wise, are looking very weak. I've tried to stick to the 'Eufloria'-like colour scheme but I've ended up making peas and something resembling an orange with roots? I do love the colours but I'll have to try out other options to see what actually works and what is just a nice idea.
    •  Depending on where I go tomorrow with my work I should start tidying up the storyboards.  The drawings are nice enough they just need a tidy and any gaps filled in with more frames. Maybe a splash of colour depending on how the concepts go. 
    •  Keep in mind  visuals must match music. Very important to not forget I'm aiming for a balletic performance NOT a horror film or similar.
    * I could use the darker, grimmer looking veins to then lead into the brighter area where all the B and T cells are doing their work? It could indicate that something positive happens there or even just be a nice introduction, I'm not sure.


        1. Hey Molly - just because you've made some nice, 'fleshier' stuff doesn't mean you need throw out your original aesthetic intentions; if you want your world to be soft, benign and decorative, then turn your attention to creating textures, lighting etc. that can bring this about. In terms of the cells, maybe it's more about glow, sheen, and softness? Afterall, they are essentially, spheres - so in terms of concept art, it's not so suprising that they should look, well, a bit like... well, spheres! Think about ways you can nuance their surfaces, play with transparency, layering etc (as opposed to shape).

        2. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I'm still unsure though. I just need to experiment more and see what I can put together. I'd like to combine the really lumpy bump maps I've been doing today with the softer elements and see if that works.
          Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to show a rough example of what I'm trying to achieve.
          As for the concept art, you're right, they are just spheres, but I've just gotta try and make them really good ones! I'll have a play in photoshop tomorrow and see if I can make them a little more interesting :)