Sunday, 8 May 2011

Target Audience Notes...

The target audience for my animation is anyone that may have had no prior interest in science and no real idea, or interest, in what's going on in their body. Age wise, this could include anyone from about 16 up to late 30s depending on their outlook on life but to keep it simple I'll keep it at 16-25 due to the its overall softness.

The reason I've chosen this audience is because my animation will be soft and gentle in colour and in motion, allowing it to match the music playing over it. The music is incredibly important to my animation because a piece of music can do a lot of work on a subconscious level, and it's because of this that I think my audience, those previously uninterested, will enjoy it.  It's the subconscious that can grip you into something that you previously wouldn't have thought about, and it's your emotions that can keep you there. I want this to be a ballet of science and one that really, anyone can enjoy.

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