Thursday, 19 May 2011

@Phil, Quick Question...

As I'm quickly running out of time, I'm a little worried about how long my scene will take to render. In my pre viz I imagined having lots of cells that were all moving and lovely but I'm starting to think that maybe that's a bit out of my reach now.
I thought that instead I could just make it centralise around the three main cells with a few blood cells floating in here and there. That way I could try to make sure that all the animation works nicely instead of doing it a bit half-heartedly on lots of different things. Would this be a smarter idea or too simple and a bit rubbish do you think?


  1. Hi Molly I am in the same boat but dont forget you can use After effects to solve some of these problems to create the impression of more cells floating there

    As Peter mentioned in the lesson on tuesday 'You dont have to model eveything as there is a lot you can get away with in 2D' :)

    But I am also slightly worried as only really starting the animation today and have alot to do before next friday and dont feel positive on finishing :(

    your stuff looks cool what i have seen so far

  2. Thanks Adam! I've literally only just finished the first 12 seconds in animation but they're not rendered yet :S

    I'm hoping that After Effects will save me but I need to have the animation done and rendered by Monday so I have time to see if it can.

    EEEEK! I really want it to look nice but I'm worried I'll muss it up :S

    I'll pop over to your blog and have a nose now, it'll help distract me :P

  3. yes well i have only really done 9 seconds and i still have to do matte painting for it unless i just include something in after effects and im useless at rigging so animation isn't goin to look 2 gd but i have got 2 the stage where i really want to push forward and achieve something

  4. Gosh - a panic! Listen - you're conveying a process - not an entire cellular ecosystem; stage your idea so that your audience DOESN'T think 'Hey, where's the rest of it?' If you want them to focus on the main players, then ensure the main players are the focus. It sounds to me you've already resolved the right kind of compromise, Molly - so I suggest you 'progress with confidence'.

  5. Brilliant! Thank yoooouuu! XD