Monday, 16 May 2011

New Texture Tests...

Adding a bump:

 Playing with specular roll off maps and specular colour ramps:

 Playing with inner glows:

 Slightly increased bump maps:

With the vein too:

It's becoming more interesting for sure!

I need to tweak the texture still because there's a thick seam and the top and bottom of the sphere should match a little better but I'm glad it's getting somewhere at least!
I think I'm starting to get the hang of it a little more now too which is lovely :D


  1. The second render under "Slightly increased bump maps" is looking sweeeeeeeeeeet!

  2. agreed - and I also like the solidity of the topmost render; I know you could just go on and on (and forgive my ignorance of the mechanics here) but you're getting quite a metalised feel - it's not unattractive at all - but it does move you away from that fibrous, matte, water-colour aesthetic you focused on earlier... your thoughts?

  3. Cheers Jono! :P
    I agree Phil, it's definitely starting to lose its softness now, I think I just got carried away with just trying things. I now think I know what to do with it to fix it though! :D
    What about the glow, does that work colour and size wise?