Thursday, 19 May 2011

Textured Bacteria...

I'm going to give blend shapes a go on it's body but I have to work out a way of doing it that won't effect the tendrils. It's an okay texture though I think, contrasting the cells enough to look like an intruder. Any tweaks that would improve it though let me know!


  1. Hey Molly, i maybe reacting to a test render, but just be careful that your glow effects don't bleach out details - keep everything soft and illuminated. Also, in common with your cells, you might want to consider modifying the very symmetrical look of you bacteria - but I think this is what you're about to do anyway...

    Again - you're probably on this too, but you'll want to revisit the colour of your vein in light of some of the palette changes made to the other components.

  2. Yeah I need to sort out where that ridiculous amount of light is coming from. Hopefully it'll only take tweaking a few details to change it but if not I'll grab Alan or Simon to help.

    I'm going to have a look at what can be achieved with a bit of squishing or a jiggle deformer on the bacteria. Also, the vein is fixed now I think, there's a new post above on it :D