Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Notes From The Pitch...

My first experience of pitching my work and it was a really positive one! Whether there were criticisms or not, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I suppose it helps that I was confident in my work and that I've really enjoyed what I've been doing and I've come away with really great guidance from everyone.

Main Points:

  • Make sure to try and keep everything soft and gestural. Don't let it become too 'CG' and too hard edged.
  • It needs a voice over to explain what's happening. (I may have chosen an artist but I won't get in contact with them until I have a script) I need to create the script and work out exactly what I want said and how detailed it should be.
  • Make the bacteria a quarter of the size of the B and T cells. Also, remove the little bobbles at the end of the bacteria's tendrils so they're just tentacley.
  • Introduce sounds to indicate what's happening. Have noises indicating that cells connect, expand and contract etc. and when the enemy enters the scene. These can be instrumental or ambient.
I'm sure I'll come back to this later when I remember other points but for now I think this is a good list to be getting on with! :D

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