Monday, 15 October 2012

First Animatic...

I was struggling a little to get all the transitions to work but I think I'm on the right lines here. I also missed out on fitting in one of my favourite thumbnails but as I work maybe I can get it in there later.


  1. Hey Molly,

    I really started to feel some excitement as I watched this - BUT, boring though this feedback is, I think you've actually got to commit even more so to the 'actual' way in which this animation is going to work - i.e. more inbetweens and more info in regard to how we get from predicament a to resolution z. I think you're genuinely onto a winner here but this animatic process needs more finesse, so we can really begin to talk about timings, pace, tension and release. Time for the 'animatic-deluxe' :)

  2. Ayyyy! Sounds good to me! :) I knew it wasn't right yet but I'm glad I have it because now I really have something to work from. I look forward to having that chat with you on Monday! :D