Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Few New Character Designs...

My newest attempts at shaping the hero of my animation:


The four drawings on the left are the previous designs that I used as a basis,  and I think that he's coming along really nicely now. He's starting to have the right amount of hunch and I like how the arms just hang down like the unkempt trench coat. I want to give him a name soon, but hopefully this'll come along with the design process. Again, all feedback is much appreciated! :D


  1. You know, Molly - I don't think your guy should be so unkempt in terms of his appearance: isn't he just unhappy, ordinary, anxious - not a down-and-out, not a 'tramp', not 'scruffy' - just like you and me - but weary and heavy and sad?

    1. Yeah I think so. I was taking Justin's advice about the idea that he could start that way and end up much tidier but perhaps that would be an unnecessary addition? I'll make sure to make him more ordinary and tidy tomorrow :)