Monday, 8 October 2012

Tutorial Notes & Initial Research...

 After a successful tutorial today I'm on track and ready to get started. Here are my notes below (that I'll update it as I remember more):
  • Continue with black and white colour palette. Environment is a 2D world of black and white, the character will appear grey from a distance but as you get closer it will in act be black and white newsprint style.
  • Anxiety is no longer a negative character and has been replaced as the black element to the environment that is always trying to engulf the character and fill the screen, taking out all the white.
  • The narrative will begin with the character being overwhelmed by the black element as it tries to remove the white from the world.  The character will then begin to fight back against the black until there is much more white on the screen and the black has been folded up into a manageable proportion of the screen.
  • The look will be very graphical, inspired by Saul Bass and similar works. The character will stay hulking and simple in shape but there'll be a little more detail in the clothing to show it's wearing a trench/rain coat.
Below are a few influence maps for various aspects of the project. First is for character design, looking at silhouettes and similar jackets:


Second are some examples of Saul Bass' graphic design and a couple are inspired by him but produced by other artists:
Original colour map.
Here are a few pieces of music I've taken a liking to. 

Depending on how long the animation becomes, the first minute of the first piece would fit quite nicely but I'll be listening to all of them as I work tomorrow to see what would fit where during the piece.

It's exciting, there's a lot to realise as I do more design work but I really think this could work well. Onwards and upwards! :D


  1. yep! that black and white influence map is spot on, Molly! My laptop is letting me listen to the music though :(

  2. Might be useful?

    1. I'm glad I'm on the right track and that's okay, I need to listen to them again properly today to be sure anyway.

      Yes to Bridget Riley! Can't believe I forgot about her, thanks Phil! :D