Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First Character Face Sheet...

Trying to keep it simple, here are the possible faces I have so far:


Generally I like them.  I think the mouth works in some of them and I think I am drawn more to the eyes in 17-19, which is why I thought I'd try adding some features. I think I like the faces most where the mouth is small and low on the face, giving him the traditional 'long face' of someone upset.
It's going to be difficult to choose though so any feedback is much appreciated! :D


  1. Not sure why but there is something appealing about 16 :)

    1. Yeah I thought that. I think it's the huuuge eyebrows :P

      Thanks Andi! :D

  2. the reason why 16 is the most effective is because he has non-reflective eyes - in other words, because his facial features are as matte as everything else about the character. Personally, I think you should consider giving him hair - as if it's painted on, as opposed to an additional shape. I also like the proportions of the features in thumbnail 6.

  3. 8! I like how unassuming he is.

  4. Thanks guys! I realise now that the eyes should be matte, that makes sense in this world. I'll get some more up tomorrow and a few hair tests too.