Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Texturing the Figurehead...

Here's my texturing progress so far:


More to come tomorrow! :)


  1. Ooh! Coming on... I know you'll get to all of this, but it would be great to see some additional texturing re. barnacles and sea anemones and that sort of 'encrusted' quality to some of your surfaces - especially on the cauldron etc - something to blend and baffle the joins and the seams - and this level of detail will evoke some of that additional 'business' you see in Dulac's surfaces in his mermaid image etc - a little something extra for the eye to drink in and enjoy!



    ... particularly at the bases of your various objects and architectural elements - and this will include the oldest of the skulls and bones etc...

    keep going - and remember - your scene should be bejewelled with details...