Sunday, 4 March 2012

Composition 8 So Far...

It's getting pretty interesting:




I don't know what I want at the back yet. The seaweed that I've put in is way too much in the fore and background. I might have be a matte painting inspired by Ernst Haeckel drawings, shells and ribs, or it could be modelled stylised bones and sewaeed as that's what it's supposed to be made from in the story. I'll play around a little and get the next changes up soon! :)


  1. This is nice Molly :) well done

    1. Thanks Adam! It's getting there for sure :D

  2. :D

    Keep it coming - and stay quick and speculative - I'd just get some new layers on this and bang in some strong colour values: use this for some quick confidence-boosting in terms of colliding colour palettes.

    Use the gradient tool, whack on some base colour, use the erase tool to take it away from other areas. I know that Photoshop Phil often drags in actual photographs - maybe something from a coral reef or sea image, or even a Dulac illustration - drag it, drop it on top of your image, use 'Multiply' or Overlay, blur it out, use the erase tool - anything to keep it bouncing along, and to ensure that you're reacting to the stuff infront of you, as opposed to worrying all the time about 'not knowing' what it should be. What's the worst that could happen? This is already much more exciting, more speculative work, Molly - and while I know you're busting to start modelling, you need to feel much more in love with this project before that process will be a happy one - so go forth and have some fun; concept art is cheap in terms of time, remember - so make loads of ideas, so you can lose loads of ideas; it will also ensure your blog is much more buzzy and explorative than it has been in the past - and remember, all that work you did with the ink etc. can all feed back into this project in terms of texturing etc. Enjoy it, Molly :)