Sunday, 4 March 2012

First New Thumbnails...

After some excellent help from Phil I've got a few new thumbnails going:





The perspective is weak again but I think I manage to get across the angles still. I quite like 4 & 7 but I think there's a lot of good points in most of them so I'm not too sure. Any feedback is much appreciated and I'll have a go at a couple more/start working into one or two of them.


  1. Hey molly :) - okay - so how about 'shrinking' some of these thumbnails, dropping them back into a 16:9 canvas and creating some extended drawings - for example, thumbnails 3, 8, 9 are promising - so take them, shrink them, grow them - and think too about foreground, midground and background - keep it strong. When you shrink, extend and grow - try out different ideas about the surrounding architecture - i.e. in a pit, on a platform - for example, imagine that the cauldron area is on a platform of circular rock surrounded by a 'moat' or 'net curtain' of sea weed, that is itself surrounded by another ring of rock, and outside that, there is another circular 'fence' of kelp or marine vegetation - or skulls on sticks... you know, it might help you to think like a garden designer for this place - drawing up 2d plans that you then explore in Maya in a sort of pre-viz way - certainly if you're struggling to think in different modes of perspective: for example:

    and then - in Maya, you block model the various heights/components/elements - and then you place a camera inside the pre-viz set to get some dynamic angles.

    Maybe you need to think about this environment as a 'floor plan' in the first instance? For example - if you to use this method to decide on the encompassing shape of the cave - for example, is it (in terms of its floor plan) a circular space, an oval space, a rugby ball shape - and then, in terms of its elevation (i.e. what it looks like if you were looking at the space head-on), decide if the cavern is dome-shaped, or cottage-loaf shaped or...

    The point is, maybe think more structurally and architecturally in the first instance - use geometric shapes - circles, ovals, domes etc - you can always 'distress' and degrade these shapes when you have more confidence in regard to the vision you're trying to achieve.

    Some 'architectural' inspiration for the 'space' in which your cauldron area might be housed...