Saturday, 10 March 2012

First Concept Refinements...




I'm not sure if there's too much colour in there at the moment but it's a good place to work from I think :)


  1. Hey Molly - yes - I think your image is fragmenting now because of the colour; it's all great, expressive stuff, but I really think you should go back to this scheme...

    and literally drop in your figure heads into this composition; the cauldron was working very nicely in that composition and the color was pretty much perfect - though red coral accents might make it pop further. I think you should consider moving the figure-head in a little more into the frame on the left, and moving the figure head on the right nearer the viewer to keep your image in balance - but yes, that image you produced previously was really cooking on gas - go back to it - and just work with the figure heads and make your next set of posts about nailing the composition; it would help too if you numbered your tests for ease of reference.

    1. Yeah, sounds good. I'll start working into that image again later and it'll be up by tonight. Also, I'll make sure to number my thumbnails too, I forget you can't see their file names :P