Thursday, 8 March 2012

Figurehead Positioning...

Here's the slightly different slants to make her more dynamic: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I think the final one works the best, she's still watching over the cauldron solemnly but she's sunk slightly over the years.

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  1. Molly - you know what (I'm looking at this post after the long comment I left on your most recent), I have a nagging feeling that your scene is just going to work much better compositionally if you get rid of the figure head altogether. Yep - I think you should. The symmetrical composition works, but that means that the figure head doesn't somehow - but the idea that there should be these carved wooden women in the scene feels right - can they haunt the periphery? Can there be more than one and can they stand a bit squew-wiff, like the statues in a graveyard? If you take her out of the centre, it means your cauldron has to become a bit more imposing and impressive - a bit more beautiful and Rococco perhaps - more sculptural - more Dale Chihuly? It needs, I think, to be more obviously a vessel - a container - not the witches cauldron you see at Halloween, but maybe something more 'giant clam shell' than man-made chimney pot (which you've sort of got going on now). I think you should try have two figure heads standing at the back behind the cauldron sort of facing each other. In my previous post, I didn't much like that cross/sail, because it bisects your image, but here, in 3d, it's more effective - but to add interest, perhaps it could have some rigging still attached:

    I can see how that might be used effectively to break up the background etc.

    Try it - try it all, until your scene absolutely kicks: it's just digital remember - remove things, turn layers off, change things around, be creative and fearless.

    anyway - enough from me! :)