Sunday, 4 March 2012

Playing with Colour and Textures: Part 1...


After this I saw Phil's comment and made some colour palettes on Colour Scheme Designer:




Getting there! A few more experiments to go but I really like the green and blue in the second image, I may carry that over! :D

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  1. You need some accent colours now - take a look at sea anenomes and coral colours - something to bring some high-points into the mix - also, you might want to think of some steps or links to the cauldron area - via platforms or jetties made of leg bones or something similarly creepy. Maybe you should consider too having a single beam of light coming down centrally, like a column on the cauldron. In terms of bold, creepy use of colour - you should look again at the Night on a Bald Mountain section from Fantasia:

    Some other ideas for colour palettes etc.

    Mother of pearl:

    phosphorescence (as in deep sea fish - this idea of having stuff 'glow' in the deep dark belly of the sea could be another way to enliven your thinking about this space - especially in terms of how the witch might light her cavern - imagine - the witch using shoals of glowing fish or jellyfish to light her chamber...)

    I reckon you should park this thumbnail now - and draw some more - don't get locked into the idea of this thumbnail having to 'be the one' - take a breath - and take another run up - draw some new stuff, and maybe consider applying some of the new ideas in a 'one-by-one' way.

    Remember thumbnails are cheap - make more, chuck them away, make new ones!