Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some Character Development...

I had another few goes at drawing my characters and I managed to have a go at the Princess and the 'chef'

 They're okay but not good enough so I got out the epically helpful DVD that is:

It's the second volume in the Visual Storytelling collection by Iain McCaig and it was really refreshing to know where to start because, as usual, it being within the final 2 weeks of our project my brains started to go a little scatty.  One of the important bits of information he mentioned was to focus on the shapes and silhouettes of the characters because the face can come later and if you have a solid figure you'll have a solid character. So below I had a quick go at sketching some on Photoshop:

The 'Chef':
The Princess, The 'Chef', The Prince, the King and Queen and a guard:

I tried tackling the chef first and as you can see they're all a bit rubbish but I discovered that I like him having bandy legs and the final silhouette just popped up.  I decided to just have a go at all of them after that because  I have to some time. I'm generally happy with these shapes, obviously they're only rough so I need to hone them a little but generally they're what I'm after I think. Maybe have the guards a little rounder though, All good so far though :)


  1. These silhouettes are instantly more effective at 'getting' to a character's essence. Well done for self-medicating. And remember, you're entitled to your learning curve; don't be put of your stride by a false idea that your tutors are looking for immaculate skillsets. What we're looking for is a certain authenticity of work flow, commitment to improvement and a gutsy attitude to getting stuff done and out there. Keep your nerve, Molly - dig in - and give yourself specific tasks and specific times in which to do them. Don't go 'task blind' - if you feel it coming on, just go do something else. Read a chapter of a book - feel constructive and in control doing some other aspect of your submission - and then, when the feeling feels 'silly' and manageable, you're ready to go back to it and prosper!

  2. Excellent, thank you! I'll draw up a plan tomorrow morning and get to it! :)