Sunday, 13 February 2011

3 Act Structure Breakdown...

Act One: Introduce problem
The first act consists of the introduction of the 2 main characters, the chef and the princess and 2 extra characters, the King and Queen. The Chef, who works in the King and Queens castle, is in love with the princess.  The audience is introduced to the princess as a prisoner, trapped in a tower, and a bride to be to an unknown prince. The chef provides her with a charming meal and comfort but she is still too upset at the prospect of having to leave him and marry someone else.  The chef knows he has to rescue her but he's unsure how.
Act Two: Provide Tension
In act two the audience is presented with the chef again but this time he realises what he can do to save the princess.  When the King and Queen are safely out of the way he runs into the courtyard and collects balloons from the wedding party tents.  The audience is then taken to see the princess looking solemn and sewing quietly in her room.  A contrast to the chaotic actions of the chef in the previous scene.

Act Three: Resolve Problem
The chef surprises her as he arrives at her window for a rescue attempt via the mass of helium balloons tied around him. She tries to gather some items but before she can get to the window the guards detect a problem and break in. She runs to the chef and, leaping to safety, they fly away into the night.

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