Thursday, 24 February 2011

Penultimate Character Design...

My Miserable King and Queen:

I think their clothes need a lot of tweaking but the general premise is there I think :)


  1. Yes Definately

    Im not sure if ur king character feels a bit too feminine though unless this is what you were going for?

    Great stuff Molly i cant believe you have managed to get through these characters so quickly

    you are almost there :)

  2. Yeah He definitely needs tweaking. I wanted to make him quite red in the face but maybe it would be better if I made him as pale as the queen but with really red cheeks? What do you reckon? Thanks for the support too! :D

  3. I believe that your colors work well, the kind may bare those 'unwanted' qualities because of his proportion.
    If he is going to be that short his head would be more tucked in and less pronounced, and the shoulders would naturally be broader.

    However - Some smashing developments over this end

  4. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the feedback! I wouldn't have noticed that on my own so cheers :D I'll get on that when I start on my final character development :)