Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ideas so Far..

My first ideas for Chef - Castle - Helium Balloon:

  • Unappreciated chef is catering for a party at a castle in the country. He's constantly being berated by the head waiter to push the food out faster but he's already cooking 3 things at once so all he can do is his best, and try to avoid another barrage of insults.  When his shift is finally over he takes the only time he's had to himself all night to sit, alone, in the silent kitchen.  He takes off his hat and just as he's about to give in and go home he catches a glimpse of colour in the corner of his eye.  He walks towards it only to discover it's a balloon that must've drifted in during all the chaos.  He picks it up and smiles. He approaches the nearest window and lets it loose.  It appears to dance in the cool night air and eventually drifts away far into the distance. The chef is left smiling gently. Everything isn't so bad after all
  • The most renowned chef in all the land has been captured and held prisoner up in the cruel Duke's castle. He's well known for his charitable meals for those less fortunate but how can he feed them when he's trapped so high up?  Confined to a cold stone prison in the castle's tower, he can't help but feel awful for all those that won't eat without him.  Suddenly, there's a noise outside.  He approaches his barred windows and sees one of the local children standing at the base of the tower. He reveals a balloon from behind his back and lets it go. It flies delicately up the tower and just before it drifts beyond reach, the chef grabs the string. He smiles weakly. Before he turns away he hears an unusual rustling, to his surprise a group of 3 of the local villagers drift up with huge amounts of balloons on their backs. The chef stares in astonishment but as they approach his window it quickly dawns on him what he needs to do.  He backs up, takes a running start and leaps through the window and escapes into the arms of the ballooned villagers.
  • A children's costume party, and next to the food table is a young child dressed as a chef.  They're eating quietly with a balloon tightly held in one hand and a sausage roll in the other.  Everyone else is running around and having a great time. Children come up to try and play with them but they hide behind their mums legs.  They slowly plod over to the nearest chair and scramble up it.  They sit quietly for a moment and then it dawns on them.  Right in front of them is a glorious bouncy castle, humongous and every colour of the rainbow, but, to play on it they need to play with other children.  They slowly walk towards the glorious castle, not once taking their eyes off it.  There's a few moments where they just stand and stare, trying to decide what to do.  That's it. They take a deep breath and leap onto the castle. It's as amazing as they thought! All the children jump together but quietly the helium balloon gracefully slips away, up into the sky.
Those are the first ideas I had when I got my words, but before I spoke to Adam.  They're pretty rough but a start nonetheless.


  1. There's a bit of wistfulness and melancholy going on here, Molly - of course, there's that other thing that helium balloons do - they make your voice go really squeaky :D

    How about a sweet romance style story? Okay, so you've got 2 characters in your story; you've got the sweet young chef who works in the bowels of the castle, and up, in the highest tower, you've got a princess - fair and mild (obviously). The princess has been imprisoned up there (again, obviously) by a wicked step-parent of some description; the young chef sends food up to the tower by balloon... so this is your act one, what could possibly happen next...?

  2. I like it, I like it! :D Hmmm, thoughts to generate...