Saturday, 12 February 2011

Juggling Narratives...

A rough way to work out how to fix my story and balance out the acts:

Act One: Introduce problem

- Chef working in castle
- When finished work he goes to tower with basket
- princess makes sure its safe
- chef surprises her with floating basket
- Princess is happy
- looks longingly at the sky

Act Two: Present Obstacles

- chef in kitchen
- Looks out the window to the tower and to the tents
- chef decides he wants to free her
- collects balloons and prepares
- Princess alone, sewing

Act Three: Resolve

- Chef at window
- gathers things
- guards at the door
- try to escape
- guards break in
- they jump away, disappear
- Fly off to safety

Very rough but hopefully this is a sufficient balance, I removed a couple of the unnecessary points and have tried to add a couple in to balance it out.

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