Wednesday, 23 February 2011

First Character Design...

I managed to get the first character design of the Princess pretty much finished:

I'm pretty happy with it. I think she looks a little older than I was aiming for and the dress needs a bit of tweaking as there's not much detail on it but the general character is there, she just needs a little tweaking. 
I foolishly got sucked into trying to get the face exactly right and because of that I lost most of the time on it but I'll pop back and do the tweaking later, I still need to be getting on with the others! 


  1. All that 'self-medication' is paying dividends, Molly - there's lots to do, but eat the elephant slice-by-slice. Lots of positive progression here.

  2. Brilliant, thank you! I think I can get the next characters done much faster, I was just a bit rusty with this one. It's going well though, I'm enjoying it so far :D