Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Day of Improvements...

I put the Iain McCaig DVD on again this morning and had a go at drawing some beats of my own:

I like the castle one but they're both pretty generic so I thought I should go back and practice my character drawing skills and I used the pdf of Jack Hamm's Drawing the Head and Figure to do it

First off I had a go at different ways of drawing faces:

Then I tried practising a few of the features on the face:

I then moved onto different ways you can draw the female figure and had a quick go at drawing a male face:

 A little detail on how to draw correct necks and a way of drawing the male figure too:

There aren't many pages of it but I already feel a lot more confident with my figure drawing.  Something as simple as the two triangle idea for the female form makes a huge difference to me, so I can go away now and just have a go at rolling off as many as I can until I feel confident enough to tackle my characters properly. Time to speed up a little though I think :S

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