Friday, 4 February 2011

Relevant to my Interests...

A few animations I watched the other day that I found particularly lovely:

Second Wind from Ian Worrel on Vimeo.

Also his Icarus & the Tree hearder was really beautiful too. I like that some of the movements are really fluid and yet others appear to be still images.  Really lovely textural shadows too.

Crater Face from Skyler Page on Vimeo.

Another animation that doesn't relate to my setting, character or prop but as for story telling it's really heart warming even with it's fairly simplistic style of animation.

Giant Episode 1 Army from Benedi yann on Vimeo.

This is technically relevant as it features a helium balloon. However, the two Giant Episodes by this artist are just so charming, the art style is really gorgeous and I just love the humour in them too.

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