Friday, 18 February 2011

@Phil Quick Animatic Question.

When we present our animatic should it be black and white or colour, or is it just whatever we decide at the end?

After looking at some of the more colourful storyboards in the 'Art of Wall E' book I thought it might be really nice to have some colour in there, if I manage my time well enough anyway. Is that a good idea or is it unnecessary?

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  1. Hey Molly - well, one of the requirements is a presentation storyboard, which would normally be a full-colour finessed version of your original 'down and dirty' directing with a pencil. I see no reason why your animatic shouldn't be lavishly illustrated if it helps convey to your audience what kind of experience it's going to be. It's just that some students spend ages colouring in their storyboard - instead of using the storyboard process practically to refine their actual story. If you get the process in the right order, you'll get no complaints from me!