Sunday, 27 February 2011

@Phil , A little help please?

I'm starting to have a little panic now, so I thought before I start going mental I'd ask a couple of quick questions :P

I'm not sure what's been asked already so I'll just jump in:

  • Music wise, I know you recommended using garage band, but I've never used it before so I'm a little worried about the idea of making my own music. Do we have to use it and make all our music ourself or could we pick appropriate classical pieces?
  • On character sheets, is it just a turn around and the height comparisons we need to do or do we have to also include some facial expressions and other bits like that? I'll put in my silhouettes too I just want to know what we need.
  • To do with the concept art, because I left it late I've done my concept art for the environments but I'm not sure if I have to then redo them as final environments or if I can just use the same images as long as I'm happy with them?
  • Finally, for our presentation storyboards, are they the same ones we use for our animatic or are they different?
Sorry to ask so much I just really want to make sure I cover everything :S
Thanks for the help in advance! :)


  1. Okay Molly - we can't have you panicking now, can we? :)

    Regarding the music - yes, you can use existing music - it's just, as you progress through the course, you'll want to be thinking about ways in which you can 'own' everything, so there's no issues later when you want your work to go 'bigger' and further than UCA.

    Take a look at Andriana's character sheets for a good idea of what's expected; as you've got LOADS of characters, why not focus on your chef and princess.

    Regarding your environments - yes, if you're happy, use them.

    And finally - when you're storyboarding for yourself, you might leave details out because you know they're there - the point about presentation storyboards is that they're for the 'client' who can't see what's there unless you show them; therefore, colour might be added, additional described camera moves and info - anything to ensure that your audience can read your story effortlessly. Therefore, the bulk of your presentation storyboard may indeed come from the storyboards you've already drawn.

    You're doing fine, Molly - breathe in, breathe out...

  2. Thanks so much! I'm gonna get it done and it'll be great, I just needed a quick confidence boost to make sure :P
    I'll keep breathing and keep moving forwards!
    Thanks again! :D

  3. your character design skills have already come a long way, Molly - really in just a matter of days. I know the first year is intense and we aim to work you very hard, but, ultimately, this is marathon, not a sprint. Many of the people you'll be taking inspiration from have been drawing/painting/modelling/animated etc. every day of their lives for the last ten years or more. It's very important to remember that, even as you look up to them and base your own aspirations upon them. Once, they were you, and one day, if you're a) hard-working enough, b) talented enough, and c) lucky enough (and believe me, luck has a lot to do with stuff and it's the bit no one can teach you), you'll be them.

    I suspect you're haunted by your last results; don't be. Just take the longest possible view and see every experience as valuable.

    Okay - enough from guruPhil, perhaps - it's my age talking, you see!

  4. You can write an essay if you want, I appreciate all the feedback I can get! :D
    I also really appreciate the support, I know we need to take responsibility for our own learning and all that jazz but feedback is always a massive boost, whether it's positive or a guide in a better direction, I really appreciate the help.
    I'll just keep at it, I know there's only so much I can do so I'll just try to do the best I can! I'm just glad to be improving too!
    Thanks a bundle! :)