Sunday, 13 February 2011

Character Biographies...

The Chef

The chef lives in the local town, just down the hill from the castle.  He's always wanted to be a chef and to cook for people but it took the callousness of the King and Queen to strip him of that.  Now he has to work for them, from early morning until the deep into the night.  The only reason he hasn't left is because he cares so deeply for the Princess, and he feels that to leave her would not only crush her but leave her to become some rich Prince's trophy wife.  He tries his hardest to keep her happy whether he has to work more hours and risk a lashing or simply keep her company at night.  He doesn't have long left before she's sold off to the rival Kingdoms prince, but what can he do to save her when she's kept so far out of reach.

The Princess

The Princess is the daughter of the King and the step-daughter of the Queen.  Ever since she was of 'marriageable age' they locked her high above the castle in the tallest tower, guarded, day and night. She sits in her cell, crafting and sewing, all alone above the whole world, unable to touch or talk to anyone.  Until one night, the King and Queen's chef visits her, it is he that fills her heart with joy and hope. His regular visits to the tower make her feel that she isn't really alone, but she knows that soon she'll be leaving the kingdom forever.  Married off to the rival kingdom's prince, who she's never met, she can only feel sorrow. She never wants to leave the chef but what can she do about it when she's so far from anything.

The King and Queen

The King inherited his position from his father, soon after his wife died from giving birth to the princess he took a new wife as his Queen.  Since the marriage they have become almost the same person but where the King is indifferent the Queen makes up for it in venom. They callously rule the kingdom, disregarding their people's welfare for personal gain. The princess is to be traded as the Prince's wife for more funds from the rival kingdom, and to celebrate they intend on holding a marvellously garish party after the wedding for all to see.  They are cold and unfeeling parents that feel keeping their only child safely locked away until she can serve some use.  The tower has been a reliable way of keeping the princess 'safely' away from everything for many years, there's no reason it should fail now when it's so close to the wedding day.

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