Friday, 18 February 2011

Final Treatment:

The treatment Fixed

Final Script:

A Chef and His Princess

There are only minor changes to both of these but hopefully they make a big difference and now I might actually be ready to get on with my character design and storyboarding :D


  1. Hey Molly - I'm really sorry to do this to you - but I'd suggest you've now got the right shot in the wrong place; my suggestion was that you needed to tell the audience that the guards were in the tower BEFORE the princess makes her jump - to lend urgency to her gathering together of stuff and to make sense of the shout from outside her door - therefore, when she first goes to the window and throws her arms around him, it's at this moment that she looks down and the audience sees the guards streaming into the base of the tower...

  2. Yep that makes sense! It shall be tweaked again and hopefully all in the right order :P