Friday, 17 June 2011

For Future Reference: Glen Angus...

I was going to do a tutorial but I got distracted and ended up looking at lots more artists. Glen Angus was the first and sadly I discovered he died a couple of years ago at only 37 so it was very sad. I'm just glad his work is still available to see!

The sketches that look aged are great example of character design. All of them have great silhouettes due to their poses and it shows how important that is. Also, I love his use of colour adds to the softness of the image, the green image of Loki up above is a really nice example of it and one of my favourites.  I was drawn to the planes with their female counterparts because it reminded me of what Sucker Punch wanted to be (but failed miserably) as well as the lovely figureheads that boats used to have too. Really nice stuff!

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