Friday, 24 June 2011

Decisions and an Influence Map...

I've decided that I'm going to continue with the characters I've designed, after all, it's only early days! They're barely near finished so it'd be a shame to abandon them now, especially when I like some of them so much!
SO! To get started I have an influence map for my spiteful plant woman:

(I had to shrink it a little so sorry if it's not the best quality)

There's still a lot of indecision at the moment towards how she'll actually end up looking. I plan to create many different versions of her before I decide how she should finally look and I'm already working on the head shape in my sketch book, so expect the scans soon!

This is the general plan for all the characters I want to continue with, and any others I come up with later. Experiments, tweaking, defining and then polishing (maybe followed by a bit more tweaking). Roll on experimentation! :D


  1. Hey Molly: see here for example of a character design work flow - some structure to help you feel more at ease...

  2. Yeah that definitely helps a lot, thank you!
    I'm pretty rubbish without some kind of structure to follow so this should make a big difference. I'm also starting to feel a bit more excited about my work again so, fingers crossed, it's all looking good again :)

  3. Hey Molly - I think you and I just had a 'hey, Brave Teaser Released' over-lap blogging phenomenon! :D

  4. We did! I'm quite impressed :D