Friday, 17 June 2011

For Future Reference: Bao Pham...

Now if you don't think these images are beautiful then you must be crazy! I fell in love with these as soon as I saw one. I'm not normally one for soft, sort of photo-realistic, sort of faerie-like portraits but I LOVE these. I think it's the mixture of amazing colours and gorgeous eyes that got me, I'm not sure, but I'm glad it did!

Lovely lighting, amazing use of colour and beautiful faces, is there much more you could want? Well, maybe, but as far as portraits go I think these are the loveliest I've seen! So soft and elegant, I think there are just enough differences in the faces to keep them from being repetitive and every face, for some reason or another, is really striking. If I can get this kind of natural softness in my images, as well as that control of colour, then I will be so set it's ridiculous :P


  1. Eyes are an amazing thing, aren't they? They never cease to amaze me. When you see a set of eyes that just stop you dead, whether it be in art or real life.

  2. Yeah exactly! It's so wierd! The rest of the picture could be a messy blur but if there's a pair of vibrant eyes on it then it just captures you. I have no idea why though. Maybe witchcraft?