Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Few More Faces for Ursula...

There would've been a bit more but I got distracted by horrible histories while I was working :P

I drew a few establishing skulls again so I had something to refer back to, I find it much easier if I can keep looking back at something or else I'll draw something completely undesirable and unrealistic.  I started with something a bit extreme shape wise and then gradually extended the forehead and got something pretty close to what I wanted.  The fifth and final face is sharp and deer-like but it's still quite beautiful, when I start working on the details, such as the 'antlers' she'll have and perfecting the eye shape, I think I can actually start moving on to the body shape. That skeleton will be an interesting one to work out! :D

P.S. Sorry the picture isn't great, for some reason it won't load any bigger than that, but the shapes are there to see anyway.

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