Thursday, 2 June 2011

For Future Reference: Kekai Kotaki...

Stumbled across this artist while following an advert in 3D World:

"Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kekai has always had a passion for art. Finding the sunshine and beautiful scenery distracting he moved to dreary Seattle in 2000 to attend art school. After graduating he proceeded to attempt a career at doing art. This meant getting a job at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild Wars franchise as a lowly texture artist. Through hard work and more than a little luck he was able to become a concept artist.
Kekai can still be found in Seattle at ArenaNet. He is working hard as Lead Concept Artist on Guild Wars 2 and on a burgeoning illustration career."

He's got a gorgeous selection of concept art that vary in styles. I love it all and discovered almost everything he's ever done on his website here, so prepare for another flood of images (after all, it's better to have too much than too little :D ):

Personal Work:


Guild Wars 1:

Guild Wars 2:

So much to draw ideas from! Lovely, lovely, lovely!


  1. Kekai Kotaki and Richard Anderson! Guild wars 2 all the way. :DD If you haven't checked it out I highly recomend to see Richhard's and Horia Dociu's works.

  2. Oh cool Domantas, thank you! I'll definitely look into them :D