Monday, 13 June 2011

Silhouette Collection...

Any silhouette with colour around it is one that I personally like. The yellows are the 'maybes' and the red indicates 'villains', the green the 'good guys' and blue is possibly neutral.

I'm feeling a bit stale at the moment so I think I'll have a go at making my 'wheeler' silhouette creepier, it's a little too much like a squashed deer at the moment. I have a distinct lack of villainous silhouettes, or maybe I should just have one super evil one... Any feedback will be great, whether it's about merging two together or making something completely new. All help is appreciated! :D


  1. You know, the noble-flower woman looks like a baddie to me! There's just something rather spiteful-looking about her. In terms of moving on some of your designs, I suggest you look at spider anatomy for your villains - really get to understand the joints and the ambulation of those multiple legs; think about it in anatomical terms; in 'reality' what muscle-mass would they have to have to articulate those legs; where would its organs be, and how would they be arranged? You know the other thing you may want to try in order to energise your process is the freeware, Alchemy:

    Give it a go - it's helped a number of students evolve their character and creature work; go be experimental, and then, when you've generated some free-flow silhouettes, refer to Feng Zhu and work back into them etc.

  2. i forgot to say that your long-legged rodent gives me the impression of being a henchmen - and a not very bright one at that! Also - in terms of refining your characters further, don't forget all those great drawing pdfs on myUCA in both unit 4 and unit 5 'unit materials'.

  3. Oh wow excellent! Yeah she feels a bit sort of Maleficent/Queen Narissa-like so I'll give that a go next.
    I'll definitely use alchemy, it looks really interesting and a good way to get yourself going when you're a bit stale for ideas too!
    I got the animal drawings pdf from unit 5, I think, earlier so I'll have another check tomorrow to see what else I should use.
    Also! I really like the idea of the rodent creature being a henchman! Really slow and a bit clumsy, I think it would work really nicely :D