Thursday, 9 June 2011

Quick Photoshop Character Work...

After Phil recommended that I should start really getting to know my characters fully, with all their details and positions I thought I'd have a go at creating them quickly and simply in Photoshop:

The image above was to see if I could capture the essence of the character quickly and with little detail, as I want it to seem elegant and innocent at the same time. It worked pretty well I think!

I wanted to do a series of positions for each of my characters first to get to know their personality, the way they move and the way they would hold themselves before I start getting into their finer details. It's really quite fun seeing them come a little more to life just through their positioning so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next. There's much more to come, this is just update one! :D


  1. great new silhouette work, Molly - love the rodent character, and he's instantly recognisable in all his silhouettes!

  2. Yeah! Brilliant, thanks! I'll get a lot more done tomorrow :D