Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Generating Story Ideas...

I need to generate story ideas as I only have the one at the moment so, music on, let's go:

Things I see in the first section of the music:

  • Flowing lines, twisting and dancing.
  • Sun
  • Flowers opening, dew drops and floating seedlings
  • Thriving life.
  • Life by water, a lake/river.
  • Beauty in nature or something constructed.
  • Dawn of a new day, maybe an important day leading to battle
The second section:
  • Rumbling
  • Jagged rocks, things shooting up from the ground
  • Spells and magic
  • running/chasing in tall towers, general  racing around, dodging things.
  • Violent weather.
  • Falling into emptiness, water or just from a great height.
  • Rolling evil either liquid or rock. 
  • Corruption of beauty, twisting it.
  • Crawling and creeping, general sneakiness.
  • Rising up against something.
  • Overwhelmed and surrounded, hopelessness or feeling trapped.
  • Attack on a castle/safehouse.
  • Sudden and drastic actions.
Quick story thoughts:

Life around lake>rumbling>enemies appear causing chaos.
Good rising up against evil, chasing it down.

These are just things I saw as I listened to the soundscape. I'm a little stuck when it comes to the story side of things so this was great for just getting some ideas going. I'll grab some of the ideas and write up rough stories from them next and see which are possibilities to take further!

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