Tuesday, 7 June 2011

For Future Reference: Horia Dociu...

The second of the artists Domantas recommended, Horia Dociu is the art director for Guild wars 2 and as I was looking on his blog it was actually a couple of videos that really grabbed me:

Real time sneak peak of cinematic:

Guild Wars 2 Real-Time Intro from Horia Dociu on Vimeo.

a debit trailer for the game directed by Horia:

Guild Wars 2 Animated Trailer from Horia Dociu on Vimeo.

There's a lot of work I've previously seen by Kekai Kotaki and Richard Anderson in these and to see them come alive is amazing!
It's really inspirational to see what can be achieved my animating concept art and 2D images. It's something to aim for in future animatics I make in After Effects for sure! :D

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