Sunday, 3 February 2013

Working Out Body Shapes...

I've got a rough idea what I want for the head shape so it's time to start tackling body shapes. Here are my first ideas:

I then quickly made some shapes using circles and the previous silhouettes from the hoovers:


I then used these shapes, and my favourite previous drawings, for the next concepts:



I think the two designs I continued above are my favourites so far. Not only do they look adorable when they're bigger but also when they're made teeny. I like the dress shape that the littlest one has, as it is a girl I'd like her to be feminine but not too different uniform-wise to the others. I also like the idea of the slightly hunched sloth-like character with the wonky ears. He'd be carrying the heavier cleaning equipment so his long arms, big hands and stocky body will help him with that.

There's a lot of refining that needs to be done, as I don't know how the arms and legs should look yet and I'm not entirely sure what they're wearing, but they're starting to come together now which is great! Now I can begin to see them and understand their characters I can start deciding what their Natty-Tech should look like and who will be using what. Onwards! :D


  1. That little sweet girly one - bottom right, second sheet = very cute!

    1. Yes! I think so too! She came out of the very last blue silhouette on the first sheet. I think I'll have to have a look into some Japanese 'Chibi' toys :P