Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Character Sheet...

Here I've got another selection of characters:

 photo chars01-1.jpg

The round up is:
1. A big ball of fluff that rolls around on the floor to clean up left over Nightmares.
2. A plant lady with very convenient vine hair to carry any extra cleaning utensils/products.
3/4. Inspired by night blooming Jasmine, 3 grows these flowers that attract fireflies to light their way. Likewise, 4 also blooms Jasmine but only one large flower on its head which glows at night.
5. Its head piece opens up into a large colourful fan that it sways back and forth to blow away the Nightmares.
6. A frizzy little guy that, when concentrating, can fire off a set of colourful sparks that chase off Nightmares.
7. Is a smarty that wears clever goggles which allow it to see even the most hidden Nightmares.
8. Looking a little flat, this creature jumps into a headstand and spins around to polish up after the Nightmares have gone.

I like the idea behind 3/4 but I think my favourites are 5 and 8. They're all pretty charming though, so let me know what you think! :D


  1. 8 is nice, so perhaps you could do a version with this character but wherein he's got big feet that turn into the propellor-mop...

    1. Sounds good! I'll have a go at that next :D