Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Henchman Design...

After knowing that the henchman should be more lovable than he is currently, and after looking at Nanny from 'Count Duckula', here is my new henchman design:

He's much more lovable and clumsy looking than before, and I think they make a pretty cute pair. Colour-wise I think 1 and 4 work well, but let me know what you think! :)


  1. Hey Molly - actually, I'm not sure about the henchmen; I don't think his colours should so closely resemble his masters - he's sort of eclipsing the villain a bit now; there's an issue too I think with so much of his body being 'white' - it's making him a bit weak; I just wonder if it's worth creating another bigger sheet of just henchmen, with more colour variations and proportions of colour - as you did with the cute ones. Obviously, the henchman colours need to be opposed to the schemes of the goodies, so maybe try just making him a bit less saturated in terms of his purples and greens and reds? I just think your henchman needs a bit more of your time, though I have to say the moment I read the feedback which suggested that the little owl was, in fact, the more obvious 'leader/villain' I laughed out loud - because it was so true! :)

    1. Thanks Phil! I'll definitely do more work on the henchman's colour variations and shapes tomorrow, and I'm glad you agree with the smaller one being the the leader. It made so much sense when Justin suggested it, I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed XD