Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Character Development...

A little bit of rough faced development:

 photo faces03a.jpg

Lead to some cute, rough creature ideas:
 photo faces03.jpg

Each one has a function that I think is represented by their appearance. Here's a quick summary:

1. Rolls around with the 'go-faster stripes' on his scruffy ears.
2. Big ears to detect nearby nightmares.
3. A multicoloured mane that it shakes gets illuminated by the tiny lamp hanging from its quiff to shoo away nightmares.
4. Large hair that can be controlled and used as wings.
5. takes in large gulps of hair into its expanding throat which it then uses to propel a large bubble to clear away nightmares.
6. A little ballerina that has a fluffy dress which expands outwards when she spins, polishing away any lingering nightmares.
7. Similar to 6, this creature has huge fluffy ears and feathers that are kept tied up but are let down and spun around to create a giant feather duster.

I like them a lot and I think they have a sense that there's something collectible about them. I think 1 and 3 are my favourites because of the unusual silhouettes and the ideas behind them work quite nicely. Let me know what you think though and I'll hop onto s


  1. I like this new second sheet of characters so much more - keep going, because this 'activity-based' route is changing everything for the better - it's much more speculative and much less emulative of a pre-existing idea of 'cute'. :)

    (And I love 3 somehow...)

    1. Thanks Phil! They certainly felt lighter and more energetic as I was drawing them, and I don't know what it is but I love 3 too! That was a little gem that came out of nowhere so here's hoping I get more! :D

  2. oh - and I love the idea of number 7 too - just made me laugh thinking about her/him/it! I think you should definitely develop this idea.

    1. Brilliant, I will do! It'll certainly be an interesting one :D